happy xmas!

ok, the muse is back and i feel like writing... so, you all may be wondering what this means to all of you? as an xmas gift to my friends and fans (yea, i know i'm kidding myself with that last!) i'll be taking requests. first person to put in a request with definately get their's written. any others--i will try my best. if there's more than 10... well... we'll see ;} fandoms i'll write: supernatural (duh!), dark angel, house m.d. (though i haven't yet, i'm willing to try), firefly (same as house), uh... i'm sure there's more, but i'm brain dead after working retail on xmas eve... if you want a fandom i haven't listed, ask me! i'll tell you if i don't know the fandom :D

things to include in the request-

charaters or pairings:
rating preference:
idea, plot bunny, trigger, etc.:
things you want included:

uh, i think that's it. please someone, anyone, make a request before my muse runs away again!!! :D love you all!
nanowrimo 06

nano kickoff!

went to the hadley panera bread for a nano kickoff write-in. there were quite a few people. ended up seeing the father of a guy i used to date and found out that guy got married... kind of a shock for me...

but anywho, on the to important... to hit 50,000 words in 30 days i'll need to write 1,667 words a day.

today's count is...

1877! yay for me! hopefully i'll get to keep this up :D
nanowrimo 06

nanowrimo begins

so, it's offically november 1st (by a minute or two) and thus the beginning of nanowrimo... i'm excited, but afraid that once again i'll fail. i have done almost no writing at all this month be it for livejournal or fiction or anything else for that matter. i don't know if i was mentally preparing for this month or what really... oh well, wish me luck either way.
nanowrimo 06

it's almost that time again...

i'm going to attempt National Novel Writing Month once again. i'm not doing the concert tour thing this year so i should be fairly free this november. i don't know how this will affect my fanficcing... either i'll do all sorts more fanficcing in order to procrastinate from writing my novel, or i'll be so involved that i won't do any fanfic what so ever... either way, i could really use the encouragement. if you want to read as i'm writing, let me know, and i'll put you on a special friends filter. if you want to read the final product at the end of november, you might not be as scared as with the half way stuff, so i'm ok with that. if you aren't going to read at all, i could still definately benefit from some cheerleading. i will be posting my (hopefully) daily wordcount as a way of forcing myself to not look like an idiot. the actual writing will be posted under a special flist filter if anyone is interested.

that is all :)

(oh, and i'll be using this icon *points to icon* or some variation of it for all nanowrimo related posts)

thoughts gone...

just saw the premiere of supernatural (which is all i will say about it until everyone else has seen it)... but my head hurts... i think my brain kersploded...

to those who i promised to upload it for (*cough*nina_nicky*cough*) i'll do my best, but i don't think it'll be up tonight :( sowwy hun. i'll have it up sometime tomorrow if it kills me, though.

that is all.
sam with gun

"Losing Grip"; Supernatural; G; gen

Title: Losing Grip
Author: delfeather
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: G
Genre: gen
Spoilers: general S1
A/N: Originally written for 15minuteficlets: challenge #165. This version has been edited down to a drabble.

He’s losing his grip on reality. The pain comes on quick, too quick. His fingers move up to his temples; maybe if he presses hard enough he can keep his hold onto his world, onto this reality. His eyes squeeze shut; he can’t see anyways. Images fly through his vision, one after another, so fast.

Automatically he reached out blindly, trying to find something to keep his mind from slipping away. He flails wildly for a few minutes, hoping to find something.

A hand grasps his. The world comes crashing back around him. He opens his eyes and sees Dean.
494 barcode

"Remember"; Dark Angel; G; gen

Title: Remember
Author: delfeather
Fandom: Dark Angel
Rating: G
Genre: gen
Spoilers: S2; especially episode 11 "The Berrisford Agenda"
A/N: Written for 15minuteficlets: challenge #168.

Alec kept the locket as a reminder. Six months in psyops couldn’t erase her. No. This is a guilt that he would carry with him for as long as he lived. Rule number one for a soldier is to remain detached--especially undercover. He was only supposed to befriend the girl. It was never his intention to fall in love. He was so newly minted to the outside world that even with all his training and education and superior DNA he was naïve to emotion. Why would a soldier need to know about love?

So he kept the locket. He hadn’t looked at it in a very long time. Whenever he did, a sharp pain would lance through his chest like he was struck by lightning. Sometimes he thought he could still smell her--sweet vanilla mixed with another faint smell that seemed to be something all her own.

How could he have betrayed her? How could he even have considered it?

Her father had warned him to stay away, but there’s no way that he could. It was late and pitch black, the moon hiding behind some clouds. The cemetery was so still and quite as only a graveyard can be. The flowers were fresh, her favorites. He still remembered the little things like that. He placed the flowers on her grave, a single tear sliding down his cheek. Alec brushed the tear away without thinking. It was the first and only tear he would shed. But he would remember.
dean with gun


Title: Limes
Author: delfeather
Fandom: Supernatural, Dean
Disclaimer: definately not mine.
Rating: hard R for sex
Genre: PWP, M/M, incest
Spoilers: none!
Summary: It started with a bottle of Jose, half a dozen limes and a shaker of salt.</a>
A/N: Written for 25_foods with a prompt from 60_minute_fics.

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